Denver Air Connection Announces Interline Agreement

SHERIDAN, WY – Denver Air Connection has announced an interline agreement with United Airlines.

DAC, offering commercial passenger service between Sheridan County Airport and Denver International Airport since November 2015, will begin working with United in early 2019 to offer connectivity to more than 300 destinations across the United network.

Wade Goetz, DAC Business Development Director, made the announcement at the Sheridan County Airport on October 31. “This interline agreement includes ticketing, baggage transfers, and the ability to search for Sheridan across online booking engines,” Goetz said. Goetz explained that the process of migrating to a new booking and reservation system is time-consuming an exhaustive, but both airlines are working quickly to launch this new partnership in the first quarter of the new year.

“This is a major development for local air service,” said Shawn Parker, President of CAST/Fly Sheridan. “Denver Air Connection has provided Sheridan and Johnson counties with exemplary service since their first flight some three years ago, and they continue to develop programs and partnerships that benefit the traveling public. This interline agreement means that travel to and from Sheridan will be more efficient than ever – now passengers can book one ticket instead of two if Denver is not their final destination. No more leaving the terminal to collect bags and re-check in Denver. And the ability to search for Sheridan on online booking platforms opens up a whole new way to market to potential tourists.”

Goetz was quick to remind everyone that until this agreement is formalized, passengers must still collect their bags in Denver when transferring to another airline; “the current system is in place for the time being. Don’t forget your bags when you fly!”
“CAST and Fly Sheridan would like to congratulate Wade Goetz and the Denver Air Connection family for their tireless efforts in making this possible,” Parker said. “I’d also like to acknowledge the work done by Renee Obermueller and John Stopka, CAST Administrator and CAST Vice-President, respectively; Renee and John have worked with DAC on a daily basis since this relationship began, and it is thanks to their hard work that Sheridan and Johnson enjoy this service.”


The Critical Air Service Team (CAST) is a collaborative venture between stakeholders in Sheridan and Johnson counties committed to returning reliable, affordable and easy-to-access air service to the community. CAST was formed in 2012 by residents, members of local government, travel and tourism representatives, economic development, hospitality industry and energy industry personnel concerned with the performance of Northeast Wyoming’s air carriers. In the years since, CAST has worked tirelessly to bring a quality air service provider back to the Sheridan County Airport, a goal that was realized when Denver Air Connection began carrying passengers between Sheridan and Denver in November 2015.

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